Core Values


We believe that it is good for people to have a sense of local connection. We see God’s hand in guiding each of us to a specific place at a specific time. As we engage with our families here in the south city area, we are inspired by the potential we have to strengthen the fabric of our local community together.


We value beauty in all its forms–both in our curriculum as we study nature and the works of great artists and composers, in our classrooms, where we strive to create beauty, cleanliness, and order, and in our relationships. 


First by necessity in our startup phase, and now with intentionality, we see the value of always making the most of the resources we have in hand. We continue to model this for our families and community, asking them to join us in whatever capacity they can.


We believe in the intrinsic value, inherent dignity, and God-given worth of all children. Each child has the potential to exercise their will and multiply unique, inborn gifts. 


We believe that in spite of many challenges, renewal will be the ultimate outcome of our efforts. Truthful proclamation, acts of restoration, and building relationships of reconciliation will have a positive, reverberating effect on our city, nation, and world.