“We send our kids to SCCS for quality education in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. We love SCCS because of the diverse, loving, high quality community environment for education that has been cultivated there. Our kids have great friends and nurturing relationships with their teachers; they don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Brent Toland


“I appreciate many things about SCCS and am thankful to have found such a great fit for our three boys. I especially appreciate the thoughtful, evidence-based approach to both the curriculum and teacher-child interactions. I know that my boys are valued at SCCS, not because of what they do or don’t do (i.e., their behavior), but because of who they are (i.e., children of God).”

Dana Malkus


“My wife and I love SCCS’s unique schedule, which provides a great school / home balance, an efficient use of classroom time, and a slightly more cost-effective tuition.”

Jeff Smith


“Always present and thoughtful, our son’s teachers joyfully acknowledge his strengths and respectfully recognize and support his challenges. Our son is a happy boy, excited to incorporate what he has learned at school into his own world of sand, mud, blocks, and toy animals. Being at SCCS is not just a school experience, it is a life experience.”

Ann Phillips


“I keep my children at SCCS because they are shepherded not only academically, but spiritually, emotionally and interpersonally. And they love learning! I love everything about SCCS–especially that my kids are excited to learn and make connections. They come home excited to tell me about what they are studying. Two weeks before the school year started they were saying, ‘I can’t wait for school to start. How many more days?’”

Lilian Werner


“I was drawn to SCCS first by the philosophy of education which is rooted in a sound Biblical anthropology.  We stay because of that, but even more because this has become our close-knit community and these are the people I’m excited to ‘do life with.’”

Abraham Mohler


“SCCS is a place where what children need is more important than what is expedient. When my daughter was two, my SCCS kindergartener told me, “Mom! You HAVE to send her here when she’s old enough. It’s sooooo fun.” And so we do. And they’re both thriving. The teachers and curriculum at SCCS are fostering my children’s creativity and love of learning. They feel safe, heard, and encouraged to risk.”

Ashley Watson