Our Longterm Home

The acquisition of a real estate property in South City by our school is indeed a significant accomplishment, especially considering our size. The purchase was made possible through the generous contributions of various individuals and our church partners over the past five years. We would like to express our deep gratitude to The Journey Fellowship and the contributing churches, namely Journey Tower Grove, Journey West County, Journey Bayless, and Journey Hanley Road, for their ongoing support, which will continue to benefit us in the years to come.

Thanks to the collective efforts of these supporters, we were able to secure the school building for $400,000. Furthermore, as part of our agreement with Cass Commercial Bank, we have included an additional $200,000 for much-needed repairs that have been overdue for a long time. The funds will be allocated towards essential repairs such as the roof, gutters, and tuckpointing, with plans to complete Phase I of this work in Fall 2023.

In order to optimize the use of our space and plan for future building renovations and additions, we are currently collaborating with HKW Architects to research and develop the best strategic plan to maximize our building space and serve students well. Their expertise will help us determine the most effective and sustainable long-term strategies for our facilities.

Looking ahead, we are beginning to outline what future partnerships and fundraising may look like for large additions or renovations to our building. We believe that through the previous and ongoing support of our donors, we can create a better learning environment for our students and enhance the quality of education we provide.