“A child who possesses a sound and fairly wide knowledge of a number of subjects, all of which serve to interest him; such a child studies with delight.”

—Charlotte Mason

Narration, which is the act of hearing or reading a story or lesson and retelling it in one’s own words, is used in all of our subjects as a tool for learning and frequent assessment. This practice strengthens the memory and helps students become focused listeners and critical thinkers.

“Living Books” and primary sources form the core of our curriculum. Living Books (a term coined by Charlotte Mason) are simply the “best” books (both classic and modern) written by the “best” minds that make a subject come alive to the student (in contrast to text books, which are used sparingly at SCCS).

Language Arts is an originally written curriculum at SCCS, pulling together the best of writings by Charlotte Mason, Sylvia Ashton-Warner, Katie Johnson, Katie Wood Ray, and Debbie Miller to offer an integrated program of a literature-rich environment, reading, writing, phonics, and handwriting. We utilize the reading program by Oxford Reading Tree (K – 2nd grade) and the multi-sensory Handwriting Without Tears program (PreK – 4th grade). We offer daily opportunities for children to write their own ideas, words, and stories as a vehicle for both reading and writing, and provide ample time for reading together and independently, always allowing children to progress at their own pace.

At SCCS we use RightStart ™ Mathematics for K – 4th grades and Singapore Math for 5th – 8th grade. Both are robust curricula based on Asian methods of teaching math that help students learn, visualize, and understand math. The curricula encourage students to become flexible problem solvers and strong mental mathematicians without becoming frustrated and bored by math in the process.

Nature Study, Science, Creation Care Study, and Gardening are integrated subjects at SCCS that provide weekly opportunities for closer examination and appreciation of Creation and encourage good stewardship of our neighborhood, country, and world.

Picture Study and Composer Study introduces young students to great masterpieces of classical and modern art and classical music, as well as knowledge about the masters behind them… these works quickly become “friends” to the students and provide a springboard to encourage original creation.

Enrichment Trips are taken frequently at SCCS to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom, provide curriculum connections, and explore wonderful places in and around Saint Louis.

Our Arts Festival is held at the end of May each year to showcase our students’ best art work and offer a choral and poetry recital by our students, providing a time for our entire school community to gather and celebrate their hard work throughout the school-year!