School Board


School Board

The SCCS Board provides oversight for South City Community School. The board includes people with a variety of skills, including business, art, urban planning, education, and ministry. All share a deep commitment to SCCS’ vision and mission to serve South City children and families.

Abraham Mohler

President of the Board (2009)
Abraham Mohler is a professional artist and sculptor at Abraham Mohler Studios and an SCCS Parent.

Sara Taylor (2012)

Secretary of the Board
Sara Taylor is a Staff Scientist at Washington University School of Medicine and an SCCS Parent.

Rachel Moll (2015)

Rachel Moll is a stay-at-home mom, SCCS parent, and volunteer Garden Coordinator at SCCS.

Susy Fry (2015)

Susy Fry is a stay-at-home mom and former SCCS parent with a background in nursing.

Jeff Smith (2016) 

Jeff Smith is Account Director at Thomson Reuters and an SCCS parent.