School Blog

August 12, 2021

Kicking Off the School Year with Something New!

Melanie Korn

Following the 2020-2021 school year where we navigated some of the greatest challenges as an educational institution aiming to hold in-person school safely during COVID-19, we’re back this year confident in our ability to educate our students on campus and are looking forward to a few new additions to SCCS.

Our Director of Teaching, Beth Bethel, is giving us an overview of some things that will be new to SCCS this year and how they’re going to offer our students an even better educational experience.

  • Did someone say dodgeball? Jumprope? Basketball? We are reintroducing Physical Education back into our specials schedule! Catherine Stufflebam is joining the SCCS staff with 8 years of P.E. teaching experience and a dynamic, fun-loving spirit. Additionally, we are extending P.E. down to our Kindergarten students. Each class will have between 2-4 sessions per week depending on grade level.
  • We have carved out a cozy, new space for our Lending Library in an area on the third floor that will be geared towards our younger students.  It will house our picture books through early chapter books. The stage will morph into a space for our older grades with both study tables and comfortable seating. Both libraries as well have received a significant amount of new books through a grant the school received.  
  • We also look forward to reintroducing limited enrichment trips and extracurricular activities as COVID protocols allow. Taking learning beyond the walls of the classroom, classes at SCCS regularly take enrichment trips to various places in and around St. Louis.  Be on the lookout for more information as the school year gets underway for where your student is headed first!

As we each countdown to the first day of school, we hope your excitement and anticipation is building!