School Blog

August 13, 2019

A New SCCS Logo

Julia Wickes

South City Community School has been serving families with a beautiful education here in the south side of St. Louis City now for a decade. Our original logo of the St. Louis skyline was hand-drawn by a founding member of our school and has served us well. While this logo is well-loved and reflects our unchanging commitment as a school in the city and for the city, our growing communications needs have led us to create an updated logo that will be versatile for use across all digital and print media. We are so excited to introduce the new SCCS logo! We think the symbol of a tree putting down roots succinctly captures our past, present, and future, and we love that it conveys so many of our core values in one symbol: 

Place – a tree growing in the city brings delight 

Beauty – a tree beautifies our line of vision

Sacrifice – a tree is a strong, faithful presence through every season

 Feast – a tree can be a source of nourishment

Renewal – a tree offers shade and shelter, purifies the air, and brightens our mood

The image of a tree also speaks to our Charlotte Mason educational philosophy. As a Charlotte Mason school, nature study will always be at the heart of our science curriculum, while a living connection to the natural world will always be an essential part of the SCCS student experience. Finally, we appreciate the way that a tree is used throughout scripture to symbolize life, wisdom, fruit-bearing, and of course the cross. 

Our weekly Friday Email and our students’ communication folders are among the first places our community will see the new logo put into place. Throughout the year ahead we will be incorporating our new logo into all areas of school communications– from letterhead, to our website, to new SCCS t-shirts. We will also put into place a new color palette as we phase out our original colors across different platforms in a gradual way. We hope you will share our excitement as we watch our new visual identity unfold! 

Our original school logo reflecting our love for South City.